Debit Card Fraud is on the Rise – 5 ways to Prevent becoming the next Victim

There are many ways for criminals to gain access to your debit card and with some of the devices in use these days it is not a difficult thing to do.  The worst thing about your debit card being misused is that the money leaves your account instantly, almost like someone stealing cash right from your pocket or purse.


It is always advisable to keep an eagle eye on any funds in your account and using online banking makes it a little easier to detect fraudulent activities on your account.

As prevention is better than being stolen from here are ways to help prevent you from falling victim to debit card fraud:

  1. Set-Up Telephone Banking with alerts
    Knowing what transactions have or are going through on your account and keeping a keen on eye on them is the best way to manage your money. But having alerts to advise you as to when they have gone through including that of money being drawn from an ATM or used at a point of sale unit is also extremely useful and can alert you to unauthorised transactions as soon as they happen.
  2. Try Using only ATM’s at a Bank
    If you are going to need cash try using ATM’s that are at a Bank as they tend to have better security than the smaller ones found in stores or at petrol stations.
  3. Beware when Shopping On-Line
    Ensure any online shopping is done through secure networks and check that the company you are shopping online with offers secure banking and are a legitimate company.
  4. Banks Never Ask for Your Pin Number
    Banks will never send you an email asking you for your card number and Pin number.
    Be careful when opening emails that ask you for your banking details as banks have strict rules and policies in regards to this and would never send you such an email. Delete any such emails immediately and contact your bank.
  5. Limit your Paper Trail
    Setting up the phone and Internet banking cuts down on the need for paper printed statements and transaction slips.  These usually have enough information on them to help a criminal gain access to your account so the less you use these the safer your account will be.

Always be alert when it comes to handling your card in a public place, ensure you cover the keypad when typing in your pin.  Don’t give out your pin number and keep your online banking passwords safe and change them on a regular basis.…

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