Handy Financial Calculators

There are various calculators that can help a person calculate monthly instalments on Loans, House repayments, cars and calculate various investment returns, etc.  Here are few to check out:

  1. Home Loan Repayments
    Most banks and finance companies specializing in home loans have an online calculator. This too is true of some real-estate agencies whereby you can calculate an estimated monthly repayment of a home loan or find out your spending bracket based on your monthly income.
  2. Car Instalments
    Another handy calculator that most banks that offer vehicle and asset finance provide for the consumer. Allowing a person to find out the price range based on their income.
  3. Calculating My Pension
    Investment companies offer numerous handy calculators that enable you to calculate your investment earnings, provident fund savings and your estimated Pension savings based on various ages of retirement.

These calculators are only estimated values of a potential loan for the actual values you should rather visit the institute or investment company!