The Easy Workings and Financial Promise of Binary Options – Truth or Myth!

You cannot turn a page on the Internet these days without seeing the words Binary Options trading flashing across the screen.  Promises of making lots of dollars in short spaces of time by using Binary Options Robots, some even promise you can invest as little as $10 to start.


Here are five things to know about Binary Options before you decide to invest your money!

  1. What are Binary Options?
    In financial terms, a binary option is a financial option that can pay a fixed amount of money or nothing at all. Also known as all-or-nothing options or fixed return options.
    Basically, you bet on an outcome over a set term be it from a few ticks to a few months and you either get paid if the outcome is favourable or not if it is not.  Much like betting on a horse or sports game.
  2. How does Trading Binary Options work?
    Traders predict whether the value of a certain asset such as stock, markets, gold, etc. with the rise or fall (increase or decrease) over a set time frame.
    If your prediction comes true you will win if not you will lose whatever you invested in the trade.
  3. Is there money in Binary Options?
    Yes, there is a lot of money in Binary options and it is totally legitimate trading options but it is a very risky one. So the promise of it being a quick financial fix should be taken very lightly.  Even with the legitimate Binary Robots that make the trade a lot less complex for a person still need a certain level of understanding of the markets and trading.
  4. Is Binary Options Legitimate Trading or is it a Scam?
    Although you do get some SCAMS out there, there are a lot of YouTube bloggers that can help a person weed out the scammers! Binary Options trading is no scam and there is a selection of legitimate brokers, Binary options trading companies and Binary Bots out there.
  5. Where can I learn about Binary Options?
    Most Binary Option broker applications have a Virtual trading account that offers you test trading accounts to work with and training videos or literature. It is always best to practice in these virtual environments and learn as much about trading as you can before attempting to trade with your money.  Always trade wisely set limits and trade within your means.

Always trade wisely and within your means, there is a lot of money in Binary options combined with its ever increasing user-friendly Trading Systems it is fast becoming a popular means of trading by both the seasoned professional traders and first-time non-financial traders.

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